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Peptidisc Biotech has developed a patented technology which concerns (i) proprietary formulation peptides and derivatives (Peptidisc Materials) and (ii) applications and uses of the same (Peptidisc Technology). Through accepting the terms of sale, you are entering into an agreement surrounding use of Materials and Technology and corresponding limitation to intellectual property. Specifically, by placing orders and making payment on this site, You (Customer and Affiliated Institution) have read and accepted the Terms of Sale, as listed below:­­­­

  • ·      The Peptidisc material sold here to you is to be used exclusively for academic scientific non-commercial research purposes and is not intended for human use, including but not limited to foods, drugs, medical devices, services, cosmetics, commercial, and any general consumptive purpose.  Industry-sponsored academic research shall be considered a use of the material for commercial for-profit purposes.

    ·      Peptidisc shall not be liable for any damages that arise from any inappropriate use of the Peptidisc material.

    ·      You agree to hold Peptidisc harmless from all claims, expenses, losses and liability of any nature whatsoever arising out of handling and using Peptidisc product sold here.

    ·      You warrant that any material produced with Peptidisc products shall not be adulterated, misbranded or used for commercial and industrial purposes unless otherwise authorized by Peptidisc Biotech.

    ·      You will not distribute the Peptidisc material to other institutions without the Peptidisc Biotech written permission. You will acknowledge the source of the peptidisc in any publications reporting on its use.

    ·      Peptidisc Biotech grants no other rights to you under any patents, patent applications, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights.  You will not use the peptidisc material for profit making or commercial purposes, including sale, distribution or further transfer of the Peptidisc material for any purpose, use in manufacturing, or use in research funded by or provision of services to a third party in which the third party obtains rights in research results.

    ·      Information in this website including pricing and availability may be changed or updated without notice.

    ·       All notices from Peptidisc Biotech posted on our website will be deemed delivered within thirty (30) days after posting. Legal business and contact address is to be provided upon email contact via

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